Our Mission

“To reach out and grow together – through God’s unfailing love”

The heart of our mission as a church comes from Jesus’ words in Matthew 28:19-20

“…go and make disciples of all nations, baptising them in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit, and teaching them to obey everything I have commanded you…”

Our Vision

We see WBC progressively becoming a spirit-led, prayerful, missional community where people of all ages glorify God by:

  • generously sharing His love
  • actively seeking to lead others to a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ
  • eagerly desiring to know and serve both God and others.

Our Values

As a Christian Community we value:

  • All People … every person matters to God
  • Genuine Worship … continually responding to God’s love
  • Relevant Evangelism … effectively communicating the Gospel
  • Caring Community … serving others through love
  • Biblical Teaching … demonstrating the truth of God’s love
  • Focused Training … equipping people for life and service

Our Philosophy

In determining our practices we run ideas through the following grid:

Prescription – if God’s Word gives clear teaching or instruction on a subject, we will follow that teaching as close as possible.

Principle – if there is no direct teaching given on a particular topic, but there is a Scriptural principle that applies, we will follow the principle as close as possible.

Preference – if there is neither clear teaching nor a clear principle involved, it is legitimate to decide, as a Church family, what practice we will adopt.

Family – God has called the Church to work together as a ‘family’ of believers. As such, every person is important and we endeavour to meet the needs of all age groups to the best of our ability. This is not always easy with a wide range of ages and preferences, but an important part of being a Christian is to learn to consider others!