Right from the foundation of Woodvale Baptist Church (Kingsley Baptist as it was originally called) in March, 1985, the Lord had His hand on this work. He provided land in the Northern suburb of Kingsley (on the site of what is now the Kingsley Shopping Centre) only to allow the appreciation of the value of the land there to give us a firm financial base to purchase the three acres of land on which the current church buildings stand. He guided the Church through its physical journey from Creaney Primary School to Woodvale High School and then to a completed hall here in 1989.


As the years passed, there have been many things to work through – establishing ministries, sorting out doctrine, providing leadership for the church, uniting the church through difficult times, blending traditional and contemporary styles of worship, dealing with growth in the size of the congregation and many others – but, again, God has been faithful to keep us strong and focused and passionate for His work.

The Bible, God’s Word, has always been a major focus of the Church. It has been central to our teaching, our relationships, and our goals and aspirations as a Church. Even our Constitution revolves around the teaching of God’s Word. This emphasis is not always popular in a time where many have abandoned a high-view of Scripture in favour of a more ‘culturally acceptable’ gospel. Over the years, all resident Pastors who have ministered to the congregation at WBC have held firmly to the belief that God’s Word is the only true foundation and authority for Christian faith and practice.

Many people have come to know Christ through the ministry of WBC, whether through preaching or Bible studies, the various groups meeting at the Church or through discipleship and individual testimony. We have witnessed incredible changes in the lives of people of all ages and we thank the Lord for those who genuinely became part of His family by faith.

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As the Church continued to grow, we moved to two morning services in 2004 and then back to one congregation of around 560 in a new auditorium in late 2011. On a weekly basis we welcome new folks into the congregation.

New Senior Pastor
In March 2017, we welcomed a new Senior Pastor, Rob Furlong, with a new vision for WBC as we go into the future.  These are exciting times for WBC!   Click on link: Pastor Rob & his wife, Karen

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Australian Baptist Churches History

The story of our national Baptist movement is worth sharing. Click on the video link https://vimeo.com/167069946 which will provide a simple factual overview of the national Baptist movement.

Produced by Australian Baptist Ministries, the video helps provide some detail about the growth of our movement and how the various parts of the movement fit together.